Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

About Bycyklen
Bycyklen is a bike share system that aims to promote green transport and reduce congestion in the metropolitan area of Greater Copenhagen. We ask that you take good care of the Bycyklen bikes and comply with these terms and conditions for the benefit of other users.

City and Commuter Bike Foundation
Reg. 36479280

manages Bycyklen on behalf of Danish State Railways (DSB), the City of Copenhagen, the City of Frederiksberg and Rødovre Municipality

The foundation has an operation contract with
Bikeshare Denmark A / S (Bikeshare)
Rygårds Allé 110

2900 Hellerup

Reg. 34727643
Contact Information: +45 89 88 39 10

These terms and conditions apply to the rental of all Bycyklen bikes by Bikeshare. The terms and conditions apply from April 6th. 2020.

1. General

Bikeshare rents out the bikes under the terms and conditions listed below. As a user, you are responsible for ensuring compliance with the terms and conditions during the entire rental, usage or subscription period.

2. Registration and identification

In order to use Bycyklen, you need to download Bycyklen app I App Store or Google Play. When you register as a user, you must provide the requested information and assign a valid payment card.

You must select a username and PIN. You must not disclose your username or PIN to others. You are responsible for ensuring that the information provided is correct.

You must be at least 18 years old to register.

3. Different Price Options for renting a Bycyklen bike

You can choose from a number of price options when you rent a Bycyklen bike.

  • Basic - Pay as You Go
    You pay for pr. minute for renting the bike.
  • Pre-paid packages
    You can purchase a package that includes a certain amount of minutes. The pre-paid package expires after one year from date of purchase. The larger package, the lower price pr. minute.

The current prices are listed on bycyklen.dk.

3.1 Special terms for subscriptions
Cannot be subscribed - the following applies to existing subscribers.

Bikeshare reserves the right to change the prices and terms of subscriptions at one month's notice. In case of major changes, subscriptions may be terminated without notice.

The down payment for your subscription will be deducted automatically from your payment card every month.

​​​​​​​3.2 Special terms for purchasing of packages
When you purchase a pre-paid package, you can sign up for the automatic top-up facility. This means that you automatically purchase a similar package once you have used all the minutes available in your package. The amount is deducted from your payment card.

If you are not signed up for automatic top-up and you run out of minutes whilst cycling, you pay the Basic price as informed in the app or at Bycyklen.dk

4. Payment and deposit
The following methods of payment are accepted: Dankort, VISA, Mastercard, VISA Debit. All Bycyklen prices are listed at bycyklen.dk in Danish kroner and inclusive of VAT.

When you have completed a trip, the price of the trip and any extra fees are automatically added to your invoice. All payments are transacted at the same time in order not to incur multiple fees for multiple payments.

You are responsible for ensuring that a trip is ended in the correct so that payment stops. It is your own responsibility if the trip is not completed correctly.

As a consumer, you have the right of withdrawal under mandatory legislation. You may not exercise this right after you have commenced a trip.

You accept that any purchase of additional services during your trip via the app is binding and cannot be revoked. Bikeshare is entitled to automatically and directly deduct from your payment card any payment that you have accepted at bycyklen.dk or via the Bycyklen screen.

5. Availability
The bikes are available at Bycyklen stations, at main traffic junctions and central locations selected by DSB, the City of Copenhagen, the City of Frederiksberg and Rødovre Municipality. You can find the Bycyklen stations in the app and on bycyklen.dk.

6. Usage
You can rent a bike from a Bycyklen station via the app. You can find the Bycyklen stations in the app.

For your own and others' safety, you must comply with applicable legislation, including criminal law and traffic regulations, when using the bike. You must pay particular attention to the fact that the Bycyklen is electric. You can find good advice on using electric bikes in the app and at Bycyklen.dk

You must use the bike in an appropriate and responsible manner at all times. You will be held liable for any negligent or willful damage to a Bycyklen bike incurred during rental. See section 10 for more information.

When parking the bike, remember to lock it.

Use of bikes is at your own risk and Bikeshare holds no responsibility, except as specifically stated in these terms.

Bikes may only be used within Denmark. Use of the bikes outside Denmark constitutes a material breach of these terms.

7. Return
It is important that you return the bike in the same condition as it was when you started the trip.

You can find the nearest Bycyklen station in the app and at bycyklen.dk. If no docking points are available, you can use the function "Please return here" in the app and leave the bike in the designated area.

Note that if you choose to return the bike outside the designated area, you are deemed to have accepted the fee.

If docking points are available and you return the bike next to the docking stand, Bikeshare will charge a fee. You can find information on the available docking points via the app.

If you leave the bike in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg or Rødovre, but complete the trip correctly and leave the bike locked, Bikeshare will charge a collection fee. Information about the fee is available at bycyklen.dk.

If you complete the trip correctly but leave the bike outside Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, or Rødovre, Bikeshare will also charge a collection fee. Information about the fee is available at bycyklen.dk.

8. Defects

Before starting a trip, please check the bike for defects. Please report any defects to Bikeshare in order for the bike to be repaired for the benefit of other users. If the defect hinders you from using the bike, you must return the bike to a docking station. You will receive a refund for the trip in question once the problem has been confirmed by Bikeshare, unless the defect is due to circumstances for which you are responsible. If you return the bike to the same docking point within 3 minutes, you will be automatically refunded.

When you use a bike, you thereby confirm that the bike has no defects at the time of rental.

If you experience any defects whilst cycling, you must report them to Bikeshare in accordance with the requirements below. If the defect hinders use of the bike, please return the bike in accordance with section 8 above. You will be reimbursed a proportionate share of the rent for the trip in question once the problem has been confirmed by Bikeshare, unless the defect is due to circumstances for which you are responsible.

All defects on the bike and at docking stations can be notified in the app, via e-mail (info@bycyklen.dk) or by telephone (+45 89 88 39 10).

9. User responsibility
You are liable for any damage to or deterioration of the Bycyklen frame, its screen or the docking points during your rental if the damage or deterioration is caused by or attributable to negligence, a willful act or non-compliance on your part. You will be charged the amount equivalent to the price of repairing or purchasing a new Bycyklen bike and/or Bikeshare’s loss.

Under similar terms, you will be held liable in the case of theft of your rented bike. You must contact the police to report the theft and inform Bikeshare about the theft immediately.

Bikeshare must prove that the damage or deterioration is your fault and must document the size of any claim they make against you. Bikeshare is not entitled to deduct any such claim directly from your payment card. The claim will be charged separately. Any disputes between you and BikeShare will be settled in accordance with section 15.

10. Non-compliance
If you do not meet your obligations under these terms, or if the bike is used in violation with the terms, Bikeshare is entitled to cancel your current trip with immediate effect and bar access to the bike share system.

You are required to immediately hand over the bike in accordance with section 8 if Bikeshare requests its return on suspicion of non-compliance. You may not claim reimbursement or compensation. Bikeshare is also entitled to compensation for any loss suffered as a consequence of non-compliance.

You are liable for any property damage or personal injury inflicted on a third party during the rental period.

11. Limitation of Liability
Bikeshare is under no circumstances liable for any loss of profits or other incidental or consequential loss as a result of an accident in which a Bycyklen user is involved. Bikeshare is under no circumstances responsible for your or anyone else's use of the bike.

In case of damage to persons and property caused by defects or errors on a bike (product liability), Bikeshare is only liable to the extent that liability results from mandatory legislation. This also applies in relation to product liability.

In case of property damage, Bikeshare’s liability is limited to DKK 50,000 per damage. In case of injury, Bikeshare’s liability is limited to DKK 10 million per damage.

Bikeshare cannot under any circumstances be held responsible for failing to fulfill its obligations under these terms and conditions if its non-compliance is due to circumstances which prevent

Bikeshare from performing the service or which make performance of the service unreasonably burdensome, such as system failure or factors outside Bikeshare’s control (force majeure).

12. Subcontractors and third parties
Bikeshare is entitled to use subcontractors. Bikeshare is also entitled to transfer rights and obligations to third parties.

13. Changes to terms & conditions
Bikeshare holds no responsibility for printing and pricing errors. Bikeshare reserves the right to change these terms at one month's notice.

14. Applicable law and competent court
Any dispute in terms of rental and usage of the Bycyklen and/or these terms and conditions is subject to Danish law and must be brought before the competent court of Bikeshare

15. Customer Contact and Complaints
For questions and complaints, please send an e-mail to info@bycyklen.dk or call +45 89 88 39 10.



16. Privacy Policy
When you register as a user and/or use the website bycyklen.dk, Bikeshare collects and processes

  • in the capacity of both processor and data controller - information about you and your use of Bycyklen. Bikeshare considers the protection of your personal data a very serious matter and therefore wishes to state clearly how it process your personal data.

Here you can read about what type of personal information Bikeshare collects, for what purpose it uses the information, how long it retains the information and how it shares the information with others:

What personal information does Bikeshare collect?
Bikeshare records your name, your email address, your personal address, and other information related to the creation of your account or use of city bikes.

For what purpose does Bikeshare use your personal information?
Bikeshare uses your personal information to process your order, process claims, send newsletters and contact you if you so request. In addition, they use the information to improve their service, and also for statistical purposes.

When you register as a user, you agree to receive targeted information from Bikeshare on service and traffic information. You also consent to bycyklen.dk/Bycyklen/Bikeshare using data from bike rental to give you personal advice on the rental of city bikes and benefits of using the scheme.

Data about your purchases are not used for any other purposes or sent to partners or other parties.

Does BikeShare pass on your personal information to others?
Bikeshare will in some cases share your personal information Personal information is shared with the purpose of providing the service requested by the user. It may be shared to aid cooperation and coordination with Bikeshare’s partners, who may require Bycyklen user information.

Your personal data may, for example, be disclosed:

  • to Bikeshare’s suppliers who support Bikeshares business (e.g. suppliers of services, technical support, delivery services and financial institutions);
  • in connection with the sale, assignment or other transfer of the contents of bycyklen.dk;
  • if required for legal reasons

In case of business expansion, Bikeshare may sell or buy companies or assets. Personal data collected with reference to this Privacy Policy will then be handed over to these companies.

How long is the user information stored?
Bikeshare stores your personal data for as long as necessary to provide the service you have requested or for as long as required by applicable law. After this time, your information is deleted.

What safety precautions does Bikeshare take?
Bikeshare uses technical and organizational safety measures to protect your personal data against manipulation, loss, destruction or access by unauthorized persons. Bikeshare’s safety procedures are regularly revised in line with technological development.

What rights does the user have according to personal law?
You have the right to obtain information about the processing of your personal data and you may request Bikeshare to correct, block or delete personal data that is incorrect. You can edit your personal profile on bycyklen.dk. You also have the right to request that your personal information not be used or transferred to third parties for commercial or statistical purposes.

If you are concerned about Bikeshare processing your personal data, you can make a complaint to the Data Protection Agency.

Can Bikeshare change the privacy policy?
Bikeshare has the right at any time to make changes to this policy. You should therefore visit this page periodically to check if there are any changes. You can see that changes have occurred if the date on the bottom of the page has changed since the last time you visited it. By continuing to use/visit the website you agree to these changes.

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What cookies do we use and for what purposes?
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