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Create an account
How to

Download the Bycyklen app, add the necessary information and scan your payment card, and you’re ready to go.

Start your trip
How to

Find a Bycyklen bike near you in the app, choose an electric bike, take it out of the Bycyklen station and start riding. You can only rent one bike at a time.

Ride wherever you want
How to

You can ride wherever you want, as long as you drop off the bike at a Bycyklen station or in a drop zone after use.  

Lock your bike
How to

Bycyklen bikes have a lock on the rear wheel so you can park the bike during your trip. Lock the bike by selecting 'Lock bike' in the app and follow the instructions. Unlock the bike with the app.

Return your bike
How to

You end your trip by clicking Bycyklen at a Bycykel station. Wait for the click and the ‘Trip ended’ message to appear in the app.

Select ‘End trip’ in the app and follow the instructions if the Bycyklen station is full or if you end your trip in a drop zone.

Where can I drop off the bike?
How to

You can end your trip wherever you want, but if you end it outside a Bycyklen station area in Copenhagen, Frederiksberg or in Rødovre, there is a collection fee of DKK 200.

If you end your trip outside Copenhagen, Frederiksberg or Rødovre, there is a collection fee of DKK 1,000.

We therefore recommend that you always end your Bycykel trip at a Bycyklen station.